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online payment : google pay or bank transfer

My Package is lost.

A Twist In The Plot is not responsible for packages lost by any postal carrier. 

Shipping Charges?

Shipping in India is rs 90, whereas shipping outside India depends on the destination.

When I get my jewelry...

ATTP's jewelry is either 14k or alloy silver plated, Tarnishing of any type of gold plating is normal, it will not tarnish if kept well, you must wipe it with the cloth included in your order after use and it will stay shiny and will not tarnish! but advised not to wear your jewelry if showering or sweating a lot. It is not advised to wear jewelry while swimming or sleeping. Try not to let your jewelry come in contact with strong perfumes or chemicals like that.


When will I receive my order?

After ordering, we use 3-4 days to make your order, when shipped it can take 3-15 days depending on the address. A tracking number will be sent to you once it is shipped and available. if you don't receive your order, the waiting period is 60 days before it is considered lost! Pre orders take 5 days extra to start processing!


We do not offer refunds without proof of damage (video proof of opening package) or confirmed lost package at attp.


As a small business, we strive to provide customer satisfaction. However, customers may return items that may not be exactly what they are seeking. If the return is not due to an item defect or sender error, a shipping fee for the return shipment will be processed. We kindly request that customers understand that we are unable to sustain our business if we cover every return shipment. If you believe that you might be returning a purchase from us, please be advised that there will be a return shipment fee.

Customer care.

Please note that when contacting us you must be polite as we are doing the same, if you are impolite to us, you will be blocked, we will most likely return to you in 24 hrs or more, we cannot be online 24/7 as we are a small business, hope you understand!

Hope that helped!

contact me if you have any issues and questions!

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